Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Where Are The Most Haunted Places On Earth

 Everyone is always claiming that this place or that place is the most haunted place on earth. As for myself I believe that everywhere is haunted and we do always see it, because we are not looking for any spirits all the time. Now could there be places where spirits hang out the most. That could be very possible especially where extreme tragedy has happened. I feel that the energy may be at its strongest and they may give the spirits their most energy to do things.

  I always seem to feel that the most haunted places are the cemeteries and hospitals. Of course I do think that the creepier the place the more we become aware of what is going on around us. Of course it is very quiet and we hear every little noise. As I have seen not every noise is a ghost. I remember when I was younger working for the local school behind our house one night I was hearing what sounded like singing.

 I was the only one in the middle school, so I went to see who or what was singing. I could hear the noise all the way on the lower floor as it resonated through the hallways. At first I thought someone left a radio on. I did pull out my large knife I used to carry back then and proceeded through the school. I got to the top floor and made sure I had the lights on. I went down the hallway and as I got to the library I could hear what sounded like singing coming from inside a small closed room where library items were stocked.

 I slowly opened the door and found the singing spirit. What it actually was was the wind whistling through a trap door that lead to the roof. I never felt so much relief in my life. So as you can see not everything is a spirit. There are many things that make noise like the stairs in my mothers house that expanded and contracted as the season got colder and the heat turned on. I would swear sometimes someone was walking up the stairs. Of course there are plenty of time when we just can't explain things that happen.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

Pictures Of Ghosts And Videos Of Ghosts

 Have you ever gotten a picture and seen something in the picture you can't explain. I myself have not gotten any photographs like that. I do remember that one time we went to boldt castle in the 1000 islands in New York and I took some interesting photographs. When I looked at the photographs I saw all kinds of orbs in various places.
 I asked myself what were these orbs I was seeing in these pictures. I realized after looking at them it was mainly just dust in the air and the camera just happened to catch it. The other orbs were in a area where it was dark and very damp. There was alot of moisture on the walls. What had happened was when the camera flashed it made the small spots light up. It was sure a very eerie place since it was in the basement of the castle.
 7 Best Ghost Videos - Real Ghosts Caught on Tape by Paranormal Phenomena
 I have seen many photographs watching the various shows on television where they just can't explain what was caught. I have also seen videos where things happen that just can not be easily explained. That was like when I was at my Grandparents house alone after my grandfather passed away. I saw something that I could not explain and my older brother saw the same thing on a different day. I have also seen times when someone sees something, but the camera did not and then there are times when the camera catches something and we never see it with our own eyes.
 I have a feeling that all these things are around us all the time, but we just do not see it due to being human beings. Ghosts have been mentioned for centuries going all the way back in the bible times with Jesus. It's nothing new and if you have a religious background then you know there is life after death. When you have the chance pick up a bible and start doing some reading. You will be amazed at what you find. Also look at all the different cultures in the world and learn what they believe about the spirit world. It's all part of us and we are all part of it.