Saturday, March 12, 2016

Find A Good Cemetery To Ghost Hunt

             Bachelors Grove Cemetery, Most Haunted In Chicago? by OAKPARKVIDEO
 One of the spookiest places to ghost hunt is a cemetery. My feeling is due to all the people that are laid to rest there. When I walk through a cemetery I always get the feeling that someone is watching me. I always try not to just walk over all the graves and I try to walk around them. I guess I feel that I would not want someone walking on top of me. It's kind of a funny feeling, but one of respect for the person buried there.
 If you are looking for a cemetery you can look one up on the internet. I know in my area we have good old Mount Hope Cemetery. I have never gone through there in the dark as it is fairly scary in the daytime. It's one of those places that have the rolling small hills, mausoleums and the huge monuments, not to mention that there are some famous people buried there. I am sure that any place like this would be spooky in the dark.

 Okay so where is the most haunted cemetery in the world. Well if you look it up on the internet you will find that there quite a few to choose from. I have read that Greyfriars Kirkyard in Scotland is the most haunted in the world. I am sure that this is just the opinion of someone that has gone there. My advise is pick out some and do some ghost hunting. Keep a log of all your experiences and make some youtube videos so you can share them with others. Just make sure you don't bring someone or something home with you.