Sunday, May 22, 2016

Seen Any Good Orbs Lately

 One of those things that seems to interest me is when you see an orb in a picture. The hard part is trying to determine if the orb could be something else. There are many times where the orb may be due to dust in the air and the camera just catches just right.  Then there are other times when it could be some kind of bug that passed by the camera at the right time. I have also seen some where it was reflection due to moisture on a wet surface.
 These two photographs were taken at Boldt Castle at 1000 Islands. I have a feeling that the orbs in the pictures were either dust in the air or may have been a reflection of moisture from the flash on the camera. These are the kinds of things that can happen and some will think they are spirits. I had to take into account the areas and people walking around. Although there were some areas where the atmosphere made it feel just darn spooky. I remember there was an area where it was very dark and boarded up where a old pool was in the basement.
  So when ever you go somewhere any take photographs remember to do some good debunking before coming to some conclusion. Now there will be some things that you come across and just will not be able to explain. That's just all part of Ghost Hunting and it makes for the fun of it. Also remember to make sure of where you are, what has happened there in the past and who you are trying to make contact with. It just may not be the actual person you think it is. Even Satan can impersonate an Angel Of Light. So always keep your guard up and make God first.