Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ghost Hunters Back On Cable

 Yes Ghost Hunters aka TAPS has been on the syfy channel as of late. The shows from what I understand are from last season. They apparently are shows that never got to air for some reason. I do like the show, but there are times when I get a little bored. I don't care for the did you see that stuff. I always wonder if these are things that are put into the show to keep your attention.
 I one of the things I like most is that they try to debunk what is going on. That does add some validity to the ghost hunting. Now one thing I have always wondered is that they always see a dark shadow or shadow figure. They use night vision and any dark object shows up as a very bright or basically white. So would this have the same results on the dark shadow figure. I know I have seen some parts where they saw a shadow figure and it was dark.
 I just wish they would start a new season or create some really good ghost hunting shows. I would like to see a show with some religious background to it. Maybe they would investigate what is going on, but not try to communicate with the spirit. You know as I have said before you never know who you are dealing with. You go down a road or open a door that you should not have.