Sunday, October 23, 2016

Where Are The Scariest Places In 2016

 Okay so where are the scariest for you to go this Halloween. Some may say right in your own backyard. Some may say oh I don't think so, but you never know. I remember at my Grandmothers house seeing a white mist go through the living room where my Grandfather had passed away just a few months before that. Maybe it was the old house that my Aunt was going to buy until strange things started happening.


  I hear this all the time from various people about weird things going on. Okay so what are you going to do ? Well you could buy a nice Professional Ghost Hunters Kit and do some ghost hunting in your house. Just remember what ever you find you are going to have to live with. Another piece of interesting ghost hunting equipment is one of the Spirit Boxes where you may hear the spirits voice. For me I don't want to speak with them in my house. I think I would rather let sleeping spirits rest.


 So if you are looking for a place to go this Halloween why not go for the ultimate spooky cemetery. There are some that are very big and old with all kinds of creepy places to search. If I were doing that I would have a good video camera to use like one of the GoPro Video Cameras. They are not too big and bulky and do a really nice job. Now if you prefer indoors ghost hunting I would check you area, because they usually do alot a local ghost hunts especially at this time of year when the veil is the closest to the world of the dead.

No matter what you decide to do just be careful, respect the dead and stay safe.